Trunk or Treat


As in many urban schools, Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport, CT celebrates Halloween with a Trunk or Treat event. The parking lot is sealed off. Parents and organizations arrange their treats in car trunks and backs of vans. Kids and their parents come after school, and trick or treat in this safe environment.

Total Learning had a trunk full of jump ropes last year, and this year a trunk full of sidewalk chalk. It was beautiful – striped and polka dot fat chalks ready for our kids.

A decorated trunk full of sidewalk chalk

A decorated trunk full of sidewalk chalk 

Take a look – not a piece of chalk was left at the end of the afternoon, and a great time was had by all! And now everyone knows how much fun sidewalk chalk is, so there’s a chance that some trips to the store result in open ended play toys like chalk. What do you think we should do next year?