Total Learning

Educators have challenges. We have beautifully crafted strategies to address them!

tld_videoTotal Learning is a proven, positive, joyful, multifaceted approach to teaching and learning that embraces the whole child.  Total Learning delivers a robust, interactive school change approach for Grades K-4, with digitally-delivered professional development that includes

  • Game-based tutorials that prepare teachers to deliver instruction through effective, active-learning strategies,
  • Extraordinary lessons to practice teaching the strategy with videos of real kids and teachers for every segment of the lesson,
  • Innovative centers called STUDIOs to learn and practice applying the Total Learning strategy to the teacher’s classroom curriculum.

While an engaging and evidence-based, arts-infused curriculum provides strategies throughout the year to enrich all curriculum delivery, the underlying structures and processes help students learn how to learn, while social-emotional and thinking skills are intentionally developed.

Total Learning is simply amazing.  It will change your teaching, your classroom, your school, and the lives of your students.

Yes, we’re proud!  We help teachers and schools make a difference every day.

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