Welcome to IDEAS:  Inventive Designs for Education & the ArtS!

hp3IDEAS is home to a philosophy supporting exceptional learning experiences for:

  • Young children;
  • Elementary learners;
  • Families;
  • Communities; and
  • Mature adults.

We develop imaginative ideas for educational change, committed to enriching lives and learning from birth through mature adulthood by:

  • Surrounding individuals with extraordinary experiences;
  • Tapping the power of the arts;
  • Collaborating for change in education;
  • Putting people at the center of decision making;
  • Using developmentally sound evidence- and best-practices;
  • Developing materials and activities that engage minds and bodies; and
  • Modeling the democratic and equitable world we hope to live in.

Learn what we do, how and why we do it, and the difference we make every day!  Then join us!  Let’s make a difference together!