Early Childhood

The child’s world should one of wonder, exploration, and discovery.  The adult’s job is to provide the visual, aural, kinesthetic, and language experiences with a childlike sense of wonder.  For many adults, this creative way of operating in the world may have been forgotten, pushed to the back of a hurried and intense mind.

MasterteacherLouiseTopie2Every child has the right to grow up complete, in an enriched environment that naturally builds the capacity to understand.  The Total Literacy Early Childhood approach opens the door to a lifetime of learning and success, creativity and self-expression.  Research is clear about the relationship between these types of activities and success in school, applying broadly to success in life.

Learn about ways to give your child(ren) a powerful and positive start.  You will gain joyful moments that build a sense of well-being and cement those all-important adult-child relationships.  Why do this?  For gains that last a lifetime!

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