Total Learning has been shown effective in reducing the achievement gap, increasing teacher quality, and engaging parents, family and community.  In addition, there is abundant anecdotal evidence that Total Learning leads to school change, and improves classroom and school climate.

A sampling of findings follow:

Total Literacy implementations that predate Total Learning provided evidence of student and teacher success, and helped refine the approach.

Earlier Evidence:


“Something good is happening in Bridgeport! TLI is a very exciting program. It presents a new approach to early childhood education and curriculum planning. Expanding the Head Start model to include more children, increased family support services, age appropriate curriculum, enhanced learning environment, extended day/year for curriculum focused learning activities and innovative professional development program make TLI a feasible program for closing the achievement gap. The program exhibits face validity. It is a new way of laying a successful foundation for learning readiness. SDE should continue to support this program and examine its replication in other towns.” – CT SDE Observer’s Report

“Total Learning is a model which should be replicated across the country.” – Margaret Spellings, U. S. Secretary of Education

“Over the years, I have found Total Learning helps my students increase or improve their English oral language development; there is constant interaction between the students in the studios that fosters this.” – 2nd Grade Teacher

“I like how Total Learning uses the arts and different learning styles (drama, art, music, movement) to allow practically all students to fully enjoy themselves in one lesson or another. When Total Learning lessons align with the curriculum, the students are learning their grade level content while having fun.” – 2nd Grade Teacher

“I have never had a group that has progressed this fast and I am convinced that it is due to Total Learning! I feel like I have a whole new way of looking at teaching. This is great for those of us who have been at this for a while and need to refresh ourselves, to say nothing of how effective it is for the children.” – Grade 1 teacher


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