Many Colored Days Tracks


The Many Colored Days music tracks accompany the Dr. Seuss board Book and colored scarf kit, sold by Bear Paw Creek. It is for both classroom and individual use and the music is perfect for use by itself for exploration of movement, mood and creativity.



The 22 tracks include short excerpts to go along with each page, and then the complete musical selections for extended listening. This magical musical set is ready for action play and learning for the family or classroom.

Once you download the file, unzip the folder to find 22 tracks with everything you need to read each page. Simply read the page, then play the color-related music excerpt as the child moves with the matching colored scarf. Complete selections are also included for free movement. Have fun!

Track List
Excerpts to go with Book Reading:

  1. Different Colored Days
  2. Red (Wild Horseman, Schumann)
  3. Blue
  4. Brown
  5. Yellow
  6. Gray
  7. Orange
  8. Green
  9. Purple
  10. Pink (Chinese Dance, Tchaikovsky)
  11. Black
  12. Mixed Up
  13. Different Colored Days

Complete Selections:

  1. Contrasts, Jensen (Different Colored Days)
  2. Rondeau, Bach (Blue)
  3. The Elephant, Saint-Saëns (Brown)
  4. Flight of the Bumblebee, Rimsky-Korsakov (Yellow)
  5. The Entertainer, Joplin (Orange)
  6. Air, Bach (Green)
  7. Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven (Purple)
  8. Russian Sailors’ Dance, Gliére (Black)
  9. Batik, Worsley (Mixed Up)

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