Parents and Families

Parents and Families

The quality of a child’s experiences and interactions impact that child’s current and future learning and life. Parents and families are a child’s first teachers. Research tells us that adults raise children as they were raised, for better or worse. Effective parents and families are one critical support system that is required for children to succeed in school and life. When families are considered and included in Total Learning, parents and family needs are met.

parents-self portraitWe take parent and family involvement seriously. Just like children’s education is more than entertainment, we encourage parents to become educated, active advocates for their child, and meaningfully involved in the school.

We work with parents/families, family resource centers, family workers, teachers, and early care providers to develop parent/family skills, positive home environments, welcoming school environments, and meaningful parent involvement in classrooms and at home.

Parent/Family Support Programs

There are several effective parent and family programs on which to model your initiative:

Data Management Systems

Many states have intake systems for family workers or social workers collect information about parents and families, analyze the level of risk for each family, and then identify targeted local resources for the issues at hand

One example of this type of program is CAPS Systems: Client Data Management System.

There are other types of this software available.

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