Become a TL Master Teacher

Total Learning teachers are either part of a whole school initiative, or voluntarily become involved in an implementation. We do not advocate forcing resistant teachers to attend training, however reluctant teachers often become our most enthusiastic and involve participants as they see their students come to life and enjoy learning. There are multiple levels of involvement.
Master teacher Sue Snyder smLevel I:
Learning the Approach: The novice teacher uses the Total Learning Digital content for a year, and participates in the social network opportunities for sharing and learning from master teachers and other colleagues.
Total Learning has been, and can be offered for graduate credit. Syllabi are provided, and an appropriate number of hours is planned, with a credentialed master teacher acting as adjunct faculty at an accredited institution.
Level II:
Assimilating the Approach into Every Day: The teacher, during subsequent years, becomes engaged in webinars and sharing opportunities. There is often a summer Think Tank with Dr. Snyder available for interested professionals to gather and work on a group-selected topic based on their interests and needs.
Level III:
Becoming a Master Teacher: Strong teachers stand out and make themselves known. They begin leading, write proposals to share at conferences, and collaborate with other leaders to bring Total Learning to others. They write blog entries, lead or team-lead webinars, and become advisors to the IDEAS Total Learning team. They are always striving to learn, grow, and improve themselves, and gain a well-rounded and robust body of knowledge in education, the arts, brain-based learning, social-emotional growth, and developmentally appropriate practice. They are able to articulate their thoughts, and ask probing, smart questions. These are our Total Learning Master Teachers.

Let us know if you’re interested in becoming a Master Teacher, and supporting other teachers at the Total Learning Institute!

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