About Us

The Total Learning Institute is in the business of making a difference. It was born out of the need to construct a bridge between theory/research and best practice, with an emphasis on actionable, elegant models of excellence. There is abundant evidence and theory that describes developmentally appropriate practice to enhance living and learning. Models of this practice are harder to find – especially those advocating active, hands-on, brains-on learning – so we began creating and refining new models.

A key to our success is that we DO – we create, we publish, we consult, we teach, we do whatever will move real-world practice forward and help others be effective. We work at the seam line, thoughtfully stitching together powerful learning models.

The Total Learning Institute provides a vehicle for the work of Dr. Sue Snyder and her colleagues. We can often shortcut production time for new products, and provide publication advice or capacity to extraordinary professionals who are ready to more broadly share their voices and ideas. Visit the store for a sampling of our support materials.

We connect, synthesize, and think deeply – and we continue to grow. Digital platforms are an excellent avenue for growth and sharing our ideas that synthesize the arts, education, social-emotional development, brain research, cultural community building, curriculum, literacy and more. All who are thinkers and do-ers are welcome to explore with us.

We have a small staff, and big ideas!

Patty Beyer – Office Manager
Cynthia Cavone – Office Staff – Marketing
Roseanne Jessen – Marketing, Scarves
Wendy Allen – Webmaster
Rebecca Lovering – Social Media

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