“WOWIE ZOWIE, Sue–your site is so beautiful! And aMAZing! And comprehensive! And simple to use!

Teachers will be thrilled to have this wonderful resource!

The video modeling is really well done and looks great!

The audio talk-through is also helpful — your voice is warm and reassuring, and having someone “there” to provide personal instructions is VERY effective on lots of levels.

What an enormous amount of work and what spectacular results! Congrats to everyone, especially you!”
– Marcia Hill, Editorial, McGraw-Hill Education

“Thank you for your kind email you sent to Maritsa and me. Over the past couple of weeks I took a great deal of time to reflect on my practice as an educator and administrator and found that you were at the heart of much of my growth. Thank you for investing you in the best practices across the US and the world. You have made a huge difference and continue to make a difference to those you have touched.”
– Lisa Meyer, Music Resource Teacher, Dearborn, MI Public Schools

“Thank you for your letter with the You Tube attachment. I watched the video and am very impressed with the work that you and your organization are doing. You have my permission to use Amphibious in Total Learning Digital.”
– Eric Chappelle, Ravenna Ventures, Inc.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with all of us today. I think it was very helpful and invigorating. I could feel the excitement as the teachers were finding the connections that you were laying out before them. You are a gem! I’ll neaten up my notes and send them to you.”
– Lisa Meyer, Music Resource Teacher, Dearborn, MI Public Schools

“I finally had time this morning to take a good long look at your website. The scope and comprehensiveness of what you have created is truly impressive. And I really connect to your philosophy of “experience first, then label.” I especially value your broken-down steps that help teachers deliver the “experience first, then label” model. This is a more Socratic approach to teaching. It is very hard to train teachers to hold off on the “labeling” until they observe that, through experience, the students have mastered the concept well enough for the teacher to finally label it. Your approach emphasizes formative assessment – the teacher needs to be watching and listening to the children to determine how to shape and move the learning. It’s much more creative for the teacher. I will have to come back to your site several times to really grasp everything you are doing. It’s overwhelming. Congratulations! I can only imagine how this brings together a lifetime of practice and work!!”
– Marcia Daft, founder and artistic director, Moving Through Math & Moving Through Science

“Thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to talk with our teachers. It is so helpful and useful to pick your brain. Thanks also for all that you do to help us be the best we can be. Your influence is seen and heard in Dearborn!”
– Lisa Meyer, Music Resource Teacher, Dearborn, MI Public Schools

“I like it. It really spoon feeds the teachers and gives them instant feedback and support. Interesting concept.”
– Elementary School Principal

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