Your contribution will allow us to continue to develop Total Learning Digital and to get Total Learning into communities that need it, so teachers gain skills, and ultimately children will learn how to learn! Total Learning is not a band-aid; it’s a year-long change model that really works. It brings excellence, depth and joy into struggling classrooms.

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Any amount helps – $10, $25, $50, $75, $100…

If you can contribute more consider:

  • Silver Circle: $250 – Provides a 1 year Total Learning license to a returning teacher.
  • Gold Circle: $500 – Combines with others to provide 1 year of Total Learning teacher Professional Development.
  • Platinum Circle: $1000 – Provides a 1 year Total Learning license for a new classroom and teacher – 1 year of PD for the teacher, change for 30 children or more.
  • Platinum Plus Circle: $1500: Provides Total Learning materials for a new classroom – instruments, art supplies, puppets, books, digital equipment, etc.
  • Diamond Circle: $5,000 – Provides 1 year’s webinar and video chat support for up to 25 teachers and 750 children.

For other amounts, or to explore partnerships, please contact Susan Snyder at or (203) 229-0411.